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Fall/Winter Shares:

Winter Share (October 2014 - March, 2015): None
On-Farm Pick-Up Winter Share - prorated $460
Delivered Winter Share - prorated $505*
I split my winter share with (name and email)
Deliver Winter Share To:
Winter Share Delivery Details (Name of business, homeowner, etc. for your site if you know it)

*New* Delivery to Portland Now offering fall/winter meat share delivery (only to Portland) "Meet and greet" our truck and retrieve your meat share. Details to follow. Or pickup at the farm.
Fall/Winter Meat Share (December 2014 & March, 2015) None
Small Meat Share On-Farm Pickup ($475)
Small Meat Share Delivered to Portland ($495)
Large Meat Share On-Farm Pickup ($750)
Large Meat Share Delivered to Portland ($770)
I will split my meat share with

Pantry Share (December 2014) None
On-Farm Pantry Share ($200)
Delivered Pantry Share ($210)


Summer Shares:

Note:Pricing and details for Summer 2015 shares will be available early in 2015.
Summer Vegetable Share (Summer, 2015): None
Summer Vegetable Share $TBD
I will split my summer vegetable share with

Summer Grilling Share (June, 2015): None
Summer Grilling Share ($TBD)


Scholarship Contribution

The Wolf Pine Farm Scholarship Fund provides local, organic food at reduced cost to low-income families. This season, I can donate:

None   $25   $50   $100  
Other Amount:


Your Payments:

I will pay in full to help cover the costs of growing my food
I will send a deposit of $50 (for each share) and make monthly payments.
I would like to use my EBT card (and SNAP benefits) to pay for my share.
I would like to apply for a scholarship to help cover the cost of my share. (Please fill out a scholarship application)
Any quick questions/comments?

Send payments to:

Wolf Pine Farm
259 Mouse Lane
Alfred, ME 04002