Meat Share

Our Practices

You can read our general thoughts on farming on our Farm Philosophy page.

All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free.

Below are the sources we expect to use for 2017 meat shares and a description of the practices those animals were raised with.  From time to time we add a provider (if, say, we are short on pork, we may add some of Tide Mill Farm’s organic pork into the mix) and we will update you as this happens.


Wolf Pine Farm chickens are raised in “chicken tractors” on pasture.  They are fed organic feed, but our butcher is not certified organic (for paperwork reasons only) and so are not certified organic.

Tide Mill Farm chickens are raised in “chicken tractors” on pasture.  They are fed organic feed and are certified organic.

The pigs at Wolf Pine Farm have spent their lives in our woods. We feed our pigs certified organic grain and farm scraps. Most of the piglets came from Triple L Family Farm in Kennebunkport. They feed organic grain to their animals but their operation is not certified organic, so this year’s pigs could not be certified organic. Some of the piglets also came from Brookridge Farm in Lyman, which is certified organic. Those pigs could have been certified but since the majority of our pigs were not getting certified this year we chose not to certify this batch either. 

Pork from Tide Mill Farm is certified organic and raised in their fields and woods.

Note: None of our beef is ever grain finished.  

Meeting Place Pastures in Vermont raises 100% grass-fed beef.  Their beef for 2017 shares will be raised using organic practices but will not be certified organic.