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Summer is coming, but fall and winter aren’t far behind. ┬áSign up today for meat and veggies shares for all seasons!

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Summer Vegetable Share

This share runs from June 2017 through September 2017.

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On-Farm pick up ($450)
Delivered to Portland($475)

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Fall/Winter Vegetable Share

This share runs from October 2017 through March 2018.

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On-Farm pick up ($525)
Delivered ($565)

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We offer flexible payment schedules to meet the needs of most families.
I will pay in full now to help cover the costs of growing my food
I will pay 1/2 now and the balance by April 1 for spring meat, June 1 for summer meat & summer veggies, September 1 for fall meat, and December 1 for winter meat & fall/winter veggies.
I will send monthly payments, starting this month and be paid in full by August 15 for summer veggies, February 1 for fall/winter veggies and two weeks before pickup for all meat shares.
I would like to use my EBT card (and SNAP benefits) to pay for my share. Please contact us about the bonus for summer & winter veggie shares if you receive SNAP.
I would like to apply for a scholarship to help cover the cost of my share. (Visit 'Our Farm -> Scholarship Fund' after you sign up for details and to apply.)
I need to use more than one of these options for my multiple shares. My thoughts are outlined in the 'questions and comments' field below.

Scholarship Contribution

The Wolf Pine Farm Scholarship Fund provides local, organic food at reduced cost to low-income families.

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