Paying for Your Share

Paying for Your Share

We believe that everybody should have access to foods that are good for them and good for the planet. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans, accept SNAP benefits, and offer scholarships to help make our shares affordable for every family.


For all shares, we offer flexible payment plans to work with any budget. The standard “Farm Payment Plan” is a monthly payment option which entails sending in equal monthly payments from the time you sign up until your specific share is due in full.  The earlier you reserve your share, the lower your monthly payments are, so order your CSA share(s) today!  We are also open to other options. Just specify a payment plan that works for you on your application. Your cash flow should never be an obstacle to putting good food on your table.


Good food should be affordable. We understand that local, organic food can be more expensive than some foods.  We’re committed to making sure you don’t have to choose between your wallet and your health. Between our own farm and our  direct relationships with our partner farms, we bring vegetables, meats, grains, and other good foods to your table without the grocery store mark-up!

Scholarship Fund

For shareholders who are not able to afford the full cost of a share we have funds available through our scholarship fund. More information on the scholarship fund is here.  Scholarship application is here.

SNAP (and Maine Harvest Bucks)

You can use your SNAP benefits to pay for a CSA share with Wolf Pine Farm – it’s easy!  Simply reserve your share using our simple online reservation form, and under “payment type” click on the option to pay using your SNAP benefits.  We’ll work out a plan with you from there.  And as a participating CSA with Maine Harvest Bucks, we can offer you winter and summer veggie shares at a highly discounted price if you are paying with your SNAP benefits.  Ask for details!

Due Dates

We ask that your shares are paid in full by the following dates: Winter Vegetable Shares – January 1; All Meat Shares – Four weeks before the distribution date.

Payment Address

Make checks payable to “Wolf Pine Farm” and mail to: Wolf Pine Farm 259 Mouse Lane Alfred, ME 04002.  (Note – we do not accept credit cards).