Meat Share


Meat Shares for all Seasons

Our meat shares provide local, organically-raised meats throughout the year

Share Sizes and Costs

Our meat share comes in two sizes.  Add $10 to the quoted price if choosing a delivered option:

Medium: $350

35 pounds* of local, organically-raised meat. Includes ground beef, steak, chicken (whole and cuts), sausage, bacon and some combination of ribs, roasts and pork chops.  

Large: $625
Best Value!

70 pounds* of local, organically-raised meat including a larger variety of meats than a medium share. 

We also offer the following “extra” meat boxes:

Organs and Extras Box: $25 15 pounds* of cuts we don’t include in standard shares including pork leaf lard (perfect for rendering and making pastries), pork fat back, beef liver, beef tongue, beef heart and chicken livers.
Bone Broth Box: $25 15 pounds* of chicken backs, chicken necks and beef soup bones.  Perfect for making soup stock.

Learn more about what is in each share. 

* Weights listed are approximate.  Actual weights will be within a pound or two of our estimates.

When and Where are Meat Shares Available?  

Spring meat shares will be available in May, 2023. Summer meats will be sometime in September. Additional meat share dates will be announced as they approach. As each share approaches, we will post details about dates, times and locations under the “When & Where” section.

Can I choose what kinds of meats are in a share?

By default, each box will include roughly the same cuts of beef, pork and chicken. If you’d like a different mix, just ask and we’ll pack a custom share just for you.

Where does your meat come from? 

Meats in our shares for 2023 will be raised at our partner farms in Vermont, Jackson Maine, Montville Maine and Edmonds Maine. 

Can I split a meat share or get a half share?

If you choose to split your share with a friend (because, for example, you want to get the value of a large share but don’t have the freezer space for it), you’ll find *most* cuts are easy enough to split, but you may need to do some negotiating about who gets the “odd” pack of bacon and who gets the only beef roast, etc.