Meat Share

Our Practices

You can read our general thoughts on farming on our Farm Philosophy page.

All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free.

Chickens raised for our shares spend their lives on pasture and are moved daily to fresh ground. They are fed organic feed, but our main butcher is not certified organic (for paperwork reasons only) and so most of our chickens are not certified organic.

Pigs raised for our shares inhabit some combination of pasture and woods. We do our best to secure certified organic piglets but not all piglets we use are certified. All of our pigs are raised on 100% organic feed and farm scraps using practices that could have been certified organic had all of our piglets been certified.   Smoked meats are uncured and free of nitrates.  

Note: None of our beef is ever grain finished.  

We provide 100% grass-fed beef, raised on pasture using organic practices (but not certified organic).