Meat Share


What You Might Find in Each Share

All shares include local, organically raised meat. Please review the chart below to see what we expect to include in each share.  Also, please note:

  • The lists below are a best guess of the cuts we’ll include. We may make some substitutions, but the shares will largely look the same as indicated below.  We also encourage you to make trades on share day to craft your perfect meat share.
  • Sausage will include several varieties such as breakfast, garlic, hot Italian and sweet Italian, and will usually be a mix of links and loose ground.
  • Our chicken cuts will include a mix of leg/thighs, wings, boneless breasts and bone-in breasts.
  • For summer meat shares, we will likely omit cuts like roasts that you’re unlikely to prepare in the summer.  Also for summer, most of your sausage will be in link form ready for grilling.  Note that a medium summer meat share will be similar to what we used to call a “grill share”.