Fall and Winter Vegetable Share

Veggies (and a Whole Lot More) October to late January

A fall/winter vegetable share is a box of local, organic foods distributed from October through the end of January. We grow certified organic veggies on our farm and supplement these with a surprising variety of other foods (certified organic) from local farmers and producers to bring you an affordable, fun and diverse box of foods.

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How much food is in each box?

A winter share should be enough food to meet the vegetable needs of 1-2 people who eat vegetables with most meals or a larger family who cooks less frequently.

What kinds of food are in a fall/winter vegetable share?

We strive to include a diverse collection of staples and exciting winter foods in each box. In general, a winter share will include storage vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.), fruits (apples), a dozen eggs, grains (oats, wheat flour), frozen berries (blueberries, cranberries) and a “special treat” (raw honey, Maine sea salt, mushrooms or maple syrup). Review a set of sample winter shares.

What does a winter share cost?

There are 5 distributions, from mid October to late January, that cost a total of $450. Delivery to a site near your home or office costs an extra $30 per season. Costs and flexible payment options (including SNAP/EBT and scholarships for low income families) are laid out in more detail on our application.

How does delivery/pickup work?

A Fall-and-Winter share is 5 boxes of winter foods distributed from October – January. A single family or group of families can choose to pick up their box(es) at the farm in Alfred, Maine, or we deliver to homes, offices and community spaces from Dover to Portsmouth in New Hampshire and from Kittery to Brunswick/Lewiston in Maine. Read more about our schedule and locations.

Can I get 1/2 share?

If you think a winter share will be too much food for your family, you can find somebody to split a share with you or we’ll help you find somebody for that. Please note that from time to time we include “unsplittable” items (a jar of honey, etc.) so you’ll need to talk to your partner in advance about how to handle these items. If you need help finding somebody to split a share with you, please contact us.


*From time to time we include foods that are not certified organic either because there is no known certification for them (e.g. sea salt), because they are extremely difficult to find organically (e.g. honey), or because we have a relationship with a farm whose practices we trust even though they are not certified organic. Ultimately, we are committed to sustainable agriculture and will only work with farms who share this commitment.