Fall and Winter Vegetable Share

Forming a Group

You can form a group to create a new delivery site.  Or collaborate with local friends to take turns coming to the farm and reduce the number of trips each family has to make for on-farm pickup.

Group Delivery to Your Office

Do you think your coworkers would appreciate fresh, local, organic foods all winter long? Of course they would! Convince 5 people from your office to join Wolf Pine Farm CSA and we’ll bring the food right to your office.

Group Delivery to Your Home

If you have a mud room, garage, or other spare space to offer up on 6 delivery days this season, your home can be a group delivery drop site. You can select the members of your group or we can help you find others in your neighborhood who are looking for a pickup location. You’ll get the convenience of shares delivered right to your door.

Group Delivery to a Neighborhood Business

Have a favorite coffee shop, yoga studio other neighborhood small business that might be willing to help out and host a site?  We can arrange to drop shares at most locations!

Group Pick-Up

If you want to save the delivery fee and come to the farm a few times each season, connect with three other families and form a “Pickup Group”. Form a group of office-mates and take turns coming to the farm during business hours. Or form a neighborhood group and bring shares back to the garage/mudroom of one of the families. Either way, we’ll help connect you with other families to share driving responsibilities to the farm. If you form, say, a group of five families, each family will be responsible for coming to the farm once during the season.